Being an introvert has its advantages. I have utilized my quiet nature to observe, analyze and assess. How do I always know what to get people for their birthday? I’m always listening. Ok, that’s sounds creepy. The truth is that being on the less vocal side of group conversations allows for greater reception of information. Obviously this doesn’t always work with one on one convos. Things would get boring very quickly if I never participated. Being an introvert has helped me become a better listener. I muster up enough outward energy to make a friend and then I sit back and listen. I learn a lot about people and life this way and I find it most enjoyable.

Being an introvert also means that I find relaxation through non-social interactions, especially ones that do not require me to go outside of my comfort zone. If you want to see an introvert shrivel up and die, make them to do something they have no confidence or knowledge in, with a group of people they don’t know, and they will shrink faster than Dorothy throwing water on the wicked witch.

There is a strange side effect that occurs as an introvert. It’s called the extrovertabe syndrome. It is the intense desire to take the fascinating person trapped in our brains and plaster it to the front of us like a cardboard cutout. This way we can be daring, carefree, exciting and impulsive all while being immune to the intense fear inside of us. Unfortunately this syndrome is a common recurrence for many introverts. We so desperately desire to get out of our own heads, to be able to communicate without hesitation, to act without careful calculation of every move. We try, oh we try to be more than our turtle selves. We push until we hit the wall. You know what I’m talking about – that wall that sends you into your closest with a pillow, blanket and bag of M&M’s.

I’m glad that the world is full of extroverts and introverts, we push each other to be more than what comes easily. To all my extrovert friends, thanks for helping me get out of my closet and my head. To all my introvert friends, thanks for screaming along with me as we explore the world on the other side of our front door.

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